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FipGreetings Community Pharmacy Colleagues and welcome to the first edition of Zoom for 2019. This looks like another very busy year with the highlight being the 2019 FIP Congress in Abu Dhabi in September.

fcc6df11 d082 49c6 8971 871dc600cd60The Executive Committee (ExCo) of the CPS did recently hold its Mid-year in Manila, the Philippines. We were treated with a fantastic hospitality and friendliness, and met fantastic and enthusiastic and proud pharmacists, with a strong ambition to improve the profession and the pharmacy practice. This was indeed a most rewarding meeting for all of us. Our ExCo member Leonie Ocampo and the Philippine Pharmacists Association (PPA) did a fabulous job hosting us in Manila and we completed a full agenda of CPS business. 

We also had the opportunity to present pharmacy practice in our countries at the Pharmacist Forum, arranged by the PPA. It was a most rewarding meeting, where we also got to know the outline for the future of pharmacy practice in the Philippines. During one day we also had the opportunity to visit Med Express, Mercury Drugstore and Watsons pharmacies.
A number of highlights from our Manila meeting include:

  • The opportunity to address and meet with more than one hundred community pharmacists, academics and pharmacy students at the Pharmacists Forum. Each ExCo member gave a short presentation on Community Pharmacy in their country, highlighting the services provided by them to their patients. The feedback and questions from all the Philippine pharmacists present, clearly demonstrated their interest and desire to learn from practice of community pharmacy in other countries.
  • Again with the support of PPA, we visited a number of pharmacies in their pharmacies in Manila. Each of the pharmacies we visited took great pride in the presentation of their businesses, and the services they provided to their patients.
  • As expected, the culinary experience in Manila was most outstanding with typical Philippine cuisine. Most memorable though was the dessert ‘halo halo’ – which fast became a favorite among the ExCo-members.
  • Key learnings for us from viewing the Philippine pharmacy model are: Yolanda Robles presentation
  • The very positive attitude of community pharmacists in their roles as medicine and primary health care providers

Many thanks again from all ExCo members to the PPA for their generous hospitality and support for our meeting in Manila.
A reminder to all community pharmacists - registration for the FIP Congress in Abu Dhabi this year is now open, so take advantage of early bird pricing. It is an outstanding program with world-class presenters in a fabulous venue in Abu Dhabi. I would urge you to attend and take full advantage of the learning opportunities presented and the chance to network in a very positive manner with community pharmacists form every corner of the globe. This will be the first time that the FIP annual congress will be held in the Gulf Region.
The FIP World Congress of Pharmacy in Abu Dhabi will as such be a fantastic opportunity for pharmacists worldwide. The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) represents more than 3 million pharmacists from all over the globe, from more than 100 countries.
It is a great opportunity to learn from so many pharmacists – as there will be attendees from all over the world. Thousands of pharmacists will attend and you can be one of them!
You can help them understand the fantastic work you are doing, and you can learn about how other pharmacists in other parts of the world are working. The FIP World Congress of pharmacy is the only global platform for learning about the latest research, education and pharmacy practice – and all in one place!
The role of FIP and the Community Pharmacy Section is to help you maximize the way pharmacists act and behave – and we can only do that by learning from each other.
The FIP World Congress of pharmacy is the Olympics of the pharmacy world, where we as pharmacists have the opportunity to maximize our capabilities, by networking with colleagues from all over the world. It is a golden opportunity to learn, grow and shine – learn from the research of others, grow with new knowledge, competence and skills and shine when you yourself present your own findings and research.
So take your chance, come for the whole Congress, come for one day – but come, because this is your chance. It is about how much you can learn from others, and how much learning you can give to others.
Another first will be the 1 st FIP Regional Conference in the Eastern Mediterranean in the historic city of Amman, Jordan, in April. If you don’t already have these important events in your professional calendar, please do check to see if you may be able to participate. All signs point to two excellent learning and networking opportunities for delegates.
I would encourage you all to join the global family of pharmacy, join FIP! We look forward to delivering more value to you as the year progresses.
In this issue of Zoom you will meet some of the ExCo-members, as well as our CEO of FIP, Mrs. Catherine Duggan. Enjoy the reading!
As President of the section, I would once again like to thank all members for their continued support and interest in our section. I look forward to working with you again in 2019. Finally, please do feel free to pass on this newsletter to your colleagues and friends, in case they may also be interested in attending a future FIP Congress, and perhaps even joining our Community Pharmacy Section. I look forward to keeping in touch!
And, I look forward to meet you all in Abu Dhabi!
Yours, and until the next time
Lars-Åke Söderlund
CPS President


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