8th BBBB Conference

The BBBB conference series were initiated by the Hungarian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences (Balaton), the Turkish Pharmaceutical Technology Scientists’ Association (Bosphorus), the Slovenian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences (Bled), and the Estonian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Finnish Pharmaceutical Society (Baltic), and member Organizations of the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (EUFEPS). The Balaton-Baltic-Bled-Bosphorus Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences’ has been organized biannually since 2005, to establish a close cooperation among the member societies and organizations. Colleagues from other countries are also kindly invited to participate in these conferences, The 3rd BBBB Conferences was successfully organized by TÜFTAD in Antalya in 2009. We are very proud and happy to announce the 8th BBBB Conference to be held in Turkey again.

The aim of the BBBB conference series is to bring together scientists from all fields of pharmaceutical sciences in order to exchange results, experiences, and information and to build communication and collaboration at regional and global scales.

The 8th BBBB will feature a theme of "Innovations and Challenges in Drug Research and Development". The Conference will offer oppotunities to exchange scientific ideas and create networks between the university, industry and regulatory authorities. The Conference will cover pleanary lectures, scientific sessions, oral and poster presentations. In addition, industry-specific sessions will be organized.

The Çeşme Peninsula harbors a different harmony within each of its curves.The Peninsula is one of the most important touristic destinations in Turkey with its crystal clear sea, bays that are embroidered like lace, long beaches with thin sand, thermal waters inside the sea, scenic beauties, traditional structure and historical and natural assets. Çeşme where the sea is always blue and the sun always shines, is a destination that must be seen. We believe that you will enjoy natural, historical and cultural beauties of İzmir-Çeşme during your stay in Turkey.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in İzmir-Çeşme in a wonderful season of the Aegean for enjoying the "sea and sun” as well as the hot topics in science

Yours Sincerely,
Prof. Nevin Çelebi
8th BBBB-Chair


Rendezvény információk

Dátum 2019. október 14. 9:00
Rendezvény vége 2019. október 16. 18:00
Férőhely Korlátlan
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