CESPT 2018.

This scientific forum traditionally gathers colleagues from all over Europe but especially from the Central- and Eastern-European region, and serves as a strong and stable background for permanent dialogue between pharmacists and other scientists working in the fields of pharmaceutical R&D or manufacturing.
The conference provides the possibility for the participants to present their results, discuss the new developments and the future directions of the pharmaceutical technology and manufacturing. It offers a good opportunity to promote scientific achievements for talented young pharmacists, initiate common research projects, and fostering the application of the results of new approaches for the accelerated development and introduction of safer and more effective medicines.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Szeged and having a fruitful and vivid conference!

Dr. Ildikó Csóka 
President of the Symposium

Rendezvény információk

Dátum 2018. szeptember 20. 8:00
Rendezvény vége 2018. szeptember 22. 18:00
Férőhely Korlátlan
Helyszín Szeged, Hunguest Hotel Forrás
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