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EUFEPS Round Table “Vaccination” on December 15, 2021 at 3 – 5 pm CET, online

Dear colleagues,

Vaccinations to prevent infections have become a major measure to preserve health of people. Many stakeholders are involved, including pharmaceutical scientists, vaccine developers, regulators, but also public health authorities and health care professionals. On this background, there is a worldwide discussion about possible contributions of pharmacists including the option of pharmacy-based vaccinations. Pharmacists are involved in the development of vaccines, but also in their production, quality assurance, storage, partitioning and distribution. Moreover, pharmacy-based vaccination is accompanied by new challenges, such as legal, regulatory and practical implementation, training of the pharmacy staff and safety issues.

Based on these developments, EUFEPS would like to initiate an online round table with experts, national representatives and thought leaders. The online meeting is scheduled for December 15, 2021 at 3 pm to 5 pm CET. Below you could find the program for the Round Table. Three speakers will present the background and the challenges of pharmacy-based vaccination in short talks to provide a basis for the discussion. The meeting is also intended to provide the basis for a position paper on pharmacy-based vaccination at the European level.

We would like to invite you to the round table. Please register with the following link:


Flash presentations (15 min each)
Dr. Christiane Eckert-Lill (ABDA, Berlin)
“Flue vaccination in community pharmacies – an overview”.

Dr. Rosario Cáceres (Spanish Association of Vaccinology)
“Communicating with patients about vaccines”

Dr. Camilla Foged (University of Copenhagen)
“The Danish COVID-19 vaccine rollout”

Panel discussion Panelists: Christiane Eckert-Lill, Rosario Cáceres, Camilla Foged, Christa Müller (University of Bonn)

Best regards,
Sandra Häberle
EUFEPS Secretary General