Gyógyszerészet 2018. január

Gyógyszerészet 2018. január

Gygyszet borito 1801

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[item title=”Prof. Szökő Éva: Újévi köszöntő – GYOGAI. 62. 3-4. 2018.”]


[item title=”Takácsné Novák Krisztina: Lectori salutem! – GYOGAI. 62. 5-6. 2018.”]



Továbbképző közlemények

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[item title=”Télessy István: Gyógyszer okozta diabetes – GYOGAI. 62.7-12 2018.”]


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Télessy I.: Drug-induced diabetes

Drug-induced diseases are scarcely reported however iatrogen harm is not a rare adverse effect of drugs. Here we give a review of unwanted effects on the glucose homeostasis. Mostly reported drugs are in this respect glucocorticoids as their hyperglycemic and other (on beta-feceptors, protein-homeostasis, immune-system exerted) effects are widespread. But immune modulators of cancer therapy (sirolimus, tacrolimus, everolimus, etc.), protease inhibitors (indinavir,ritovir), some antipsychotic agents (olanzapin, clozapin), terbutaline, cyclosporin are also referred in this respect. In contraty, sulfonylurea-type molecules (gliburide, chlorpropamide, glimepiride), fluoroquinolones are mentioned as hypoglycemic agents. Beta blockers is a group, which may induce hypo and hyperglycemia as well. This article is to upgrade readers on the management of diabetes in patients trated with above mentioned agents.


[item title=”Budai Lívia, Kiss Huba, Nagy Zoltán Zsolt: A szem allergiás megbetegedései és a gyógyszeres terápia lehetőségei  – GYOGAI. 62. 13-17. 2018.”]

1., – letöltve: 2017. december 08.

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Budai L., Kiss H., Nagy Z.Zs.: Allergic eye diseases and potential drug therapies for their treatment

The present article provides an overview of the main symptoms of allergic eye diseases and of their potential drug therapies. Mainly topical antihistamines and mast cell stabilizers can be selected for the treatment of allergic eye diseases. The use of local corticosteroids may also occur in drug therapy. This article summarizes the results of several randomised controlled trials included placebo-controlled and head to head trials based on Cochrane Database.


[item title=”Dános Béla, László-Bencsik Ábel, Boldizsár Imre: Farmakobotanikai tanulmányút a Börzsöny hegységi Zebegény térségében – GYOGAI. 62. 18-26 2018.”]

Dános, B., László-Bencsik, Á., Boldizsár, I.: Pharmaco-botanical Field-Trip in the Vicinity of Zebegény (Börzsöny Mts. Region, Hungary)

According to the pharmacobotanical field-trip program of the Hungarian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the last event was started out from Zebegény railway station.

Zebegény is one of the most charming settlements in the western part of the Danube Bend, a short way from Budapest, it lies below the foothills of Börzsöny Mts. The sights of this village are not only the beautiful sceneries with the river, hills and forests, but also the remarkable artworks: e.g., the catholic church in „Art Nouveau” architectural style by Károly Kós and Aladár Körösfői-Kriesch, the Trianon Monument by Géza Maróti and the paintings of István Szőnyi, who was the most famous resident of the village (today his house is the István Szőnyi Memorial Museum with many exhibited works of the master).

On the other hand, the newest attraction here was the Pumpkin Festival: offering a good opportunity to discuss the therapeutic values of the pumpkin seeds.

Before we reached the last houses of Zebegény, a little talking was started about some conspicious and medicinally evaluated ornamentals, which were planted into the street-side plots (mauritian mallow, marigold, yellow hornpoppy).

The main element of the surrounding vegetation is the oak-forest (partly mixed with hornbeams and scattered with beech trees). Already in the woods, along the footpath, our attention was drawn to the well-known herbs, thus the greater celandine, lungwort, asarabacca (wild ginger) and mushrooms.

The path ended at the Gründl Meadow – after dinner providing here a suitable place to identify the collected mushrooms: Mycena spp., Stropharia aeruginosa, Hypholoma lateritium, Coprinopsis picacea, Amanita rubescens, among others. But on the rich-grassed meadow, the multitude of the meadow safron (Colchicum autumnale) was the main spectacle. All parts of the meadow safron contain strongly toxic alkaloids, namely colchicine and some other related compounds.

The last stage of the marked path was not so long. After reaching the Calvary Chapel and the Trianon Monument, our route descended to Zebegény and ended at the railway station



Gyógyszerésztörténeti közlemények

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[item title=”Szmodits László: ANNO… Neves magyar gyógyszerész évfordulók 2018-ban – GYOGAI 62. 27-32. 2018.”]


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Szmodits, L.: Anno… Reputed Hungarian pharmacist jubilee in 2018.


[item title=”Budaházy István: Egy több mint 250 éves kordokumentum, Pozsonyból – GYOGAI 62. 36-41. 2018.”]


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Budaházy, I.: A 250 years old document of era from Bratislava

The author studied using several aspects the medical recipe collection from Bratislava dated 1761. The Manuális contains 434 recipes , which represents a valuable image of the medical and pharmaceutical standard of the Central European region in the 18th century. Based on the varied Materia Medica and the therapeutic effect of recipes, the medical knowledge makes this collection a significant historical document



Aktuális oldalak

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[item title=”Bozó Tamás: Fizikai Nobel-díj a gravitációs hullámok észleléséért – GYOGAI 62. 42-44. 2018.”]




Szeged: jubileumi diplomások ünneplése – 43. Nemzetközi Gyógyszerésztörténeti Kongresszus Varsóban – Emberi jól-lét és környezet konferencia a pécsi egyetem alapításának 650. évfordulóján – Hírek Szegedről – Dr. Gottnek Mihály PhD védése – Orbán-Gyapai Orsolya PhD védése – In memoriam


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Budai Lívia, Kiss Huba, Nagy Zoltán Zsolt: A szem allergiás megbetegedései és a gyógyszeres
terápia lehetőségei

Télessy István: Gyógyszer okozta diabetes